Big Brother 2019 Hot Already As House Mates Gave Each Other Hot Romance

The Big Brother Naija 2019 has already started and quite entertaining, the events that would keep watchers on an optimistic mood has kicked off in a quick motion, and very interesting even at the early stages of the game.

The first day was a day for introduction of the house mates so that they get to know one another and have an understanding of what everyone’s personality entails.

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Though, the day 2 went really hot as romantic/sexual affair were carried out. Two house mates in
the house got really intimate in the presumed severely cold room, and as a result they found comfort “under the blanket” to keep warm.

View this video below to have a clear understanding of what went down and to know the two house mates that are applying force in the game to open the show in a whole new level.

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Watch video below:

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