“Don Jazzy Gave Me My Life Back After Triple MG (MMMG) Betrayed Me” – Iyanya Reveals

Iyanya in an interview with Bolanle Olukanni.

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Host of the Juice on Ndani TV few days back said so many things about his music career, how he was betrayed by Ubi Franklin his partner.

What led him into leaving Triple MG and how Don Jazzy helped him and gave him his life back.

Speaking of the situation that led to his departure from Triple MG, the “Kukere” crooner said, “What people don’t know is, I didn’t sell my share. People see me and say oh. why did you sell your share? I didn’t sell my shares, I left Made Men at the time because there was so much darkness. In the midst of all the wings, I decided to let that go. “

Revealing how Don Jazzy helped him during those hard times of, Iyanya said, “Mavin was … shout out to Jazzy… Jazzy gave me that platform to put music out because I left Made Men and I didn’t want anything from Made Men, so Jazzy just said look, man, you’ve built something over the years and starting all over is not going to be as easy as you think, so just put out music from here and work on something.”

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He said it was the main reason people thought he signed with Mavin.

He said he did not sign but it was more of love shown to him by Don Jazzy and that it was during that period that Temple Music came calling.

“So people really thought I signed to Mavin but it wasn’t like a legal signing, it was just love.

And then Temple Music came, when Temple music came, I love the vision, I love the dream and I was like Okay, let me try this,

and that was when I released “Up To Something,” “Hold On,” I mean,“Good Vibes.” And after that, it was time for me to move,

because I felt like I got to the point where I have to put out my own thing, have my own family, have my own team, me and Alex…”

Iyanya went ahead to open up that he was betrayed by his business partner, Ubi, who he thought he co-owned Made Men Music Group with.

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He said;

“When I said it was darkness, I was not myself anymore because I felt like there was no trust anymore.

Because at the time I was singing I co-owned Made Men with Ubi but I later realized that my name was not in any of the forms I signed…

and I was broken… and that was the beginning of me just saying to hell with everything.”

The “Your waiste” crooner further revealed that Don Jazzy was his saviour and comfort during those periods he thought he lost all and had no option than to start again.

“That was healing for me, that was the best time of whole situation I was in, that was the best moment because Jazzy just opened his family and said look,

you’re one of us and everybody just showed me that love coz it came from Jazzy.

So from Jazzy to Tiwa, to Baby Fresh to everybody, it was just love and that really gave me life because, to be honest with you, I was broken. Like I was broken!”

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