Skales: “I Am Not Ready For Marriage Yet”

in an interview with Punch Entertainment, Skales revealed he is not ready to get married now as he cannot combine music with marriage.

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He said if he decides to get married now, the numerous travels and other attention he gives to his craft will make his marriage suffer.

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When asked if his mum puts pressure on him in order to get married, Skales says; “Yes, she does. She has told me many times that she cannot wait to be a grandmother and carry my children. But I keep telling her that I am not ready for marriage. I am more concerned about my work. Music is like a woman; it takes all your attention. It is hard to give music and your wife equal attention.”

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He also went further to say, “For now, it will be hard for someone like me who travels a lot. When I start a family, I will have to cut down on my travelling. We also need to understand that despite being an only child, I am still too young to get married. Marriage shouldn’t be my priority right now.”

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