Tiwa Savage The Queen Of Afrobeat On Allure Cover| Full story

Tiwa Savage The Queen Of Afrobeat On Allure Cover| Full story

Tiwa Savage The Queen Of Afrobeat On Allure Cover| Full story.

Tiwa Savage The Queen Of Afrobeat On Allure Cover
Tiwa Savage The Queen Of Afrobeat On Allure Cover| Full story

Female Nigerian Afrobeat singer Tiwa Savage, had been interviewed on the Cover Of (Allure) The Beauty Expert based in New York City America

The ‘Ole’ crooner took to her social media account in excitement this afternoon with the caption;

“Me on the cover of @allure magazine, THIS IS NUTS, Thank you @heymichellelee and

@EugeneInTheCity 2nd cover this year, Soldiers let’s  goooo”

Tiwa Expresses The Joy Of Being At Home.

”Being at home with my son, not having to wear makeup, and I don’t have to suck my belly in all the time and wear heels,”

she says,

“It was amazing.”

The “Dangerous Love” Singer Explains How Her Sound Gradually Changed With Afro Vibes.

“When I started my career I wasn’t embracing who I was fully yet because

I was just trying to crack into the market,”


Tiwa Savage says.

“My first two singles were very American and it wasn’t very African.

But then, as time went on, I just started seeing how powerful my platform was and how mothers

would say, ‘My little girl really looks up to you.’” So, she made an about-face.

Tiwa Savage Speaks On MakeUp.

“I have a platform and I’m digging more into my responsibility for younger people,”

Mama JamJam says;

“And I feel like there’s so much pressure now and it’s going to get even worse with social media and there needs to be a balance.

There needs to be some people that are not too perfect. I know we want to look good.

I don’t want to be out there looking jacked up, but I also want to look relatable.”

Tiwa's full gist.

Still on the interview Tiwa Savage, open up that she hasn’t wear any make up for the past two years, even while running errands and photo shoots including this very shoot.

She says;

“I met Naomi about three years ago and she told me one of the things that she gave up was wearing foundation and I was like, ‘How?’ Then I just decided I’m never going to use foundation.”

The African bad girl is a simple and honest person, and needs only just powder, liner and lips, but at times she is as giddy as a school-girl, who goes on crushing on Korean movie star Lee Min-ho.

Tiwa even goes further by telling her son “That’s your stepdad,” while watching ‘The Legend of the Blue Sea’.

 Tiwa’s Career

The leading female afro-pop singer has also been thinking about ways to fuse in serious topics into her songs.

In her next chapter, Savage wants to take fans on a journey that doesn’t involve a collection of

“love songs and sweet, cute records.”

Her point is;

“I’m not trying to have the hottest song or club-banging hit or millions of streams,” she says.

“I feel like the world is going through stuff and I need to play my part.”


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